One of a kind art, along with handmade, limited-edition leather bags and accessories.

The Bags:
Welcome to tony B! Like so many artists and makers I have a passion for creative exploration, working to bring my artistic vision and purpose come alive through my art and craft. Over nine years ago I made clutches to give as holiday gifts which were warmly received. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends I decided to try my hand as a bag maker, originally working with fabric and then transitioning to leather seven years ago. Today I spend my days sourcing unique, high quality leather in a variety of palettes and playful patterns, that I will then prep, pattern, cut and sew into my signature tony B. Bags.  May your bag be as fun for you as it was for me to create, take it on all the adventures.  

The Art:
In the beginning of 2021 the artist in me realized it was time to start creating as well - exploring mediums, form, texture, and life.  Once again using leather as my medium I find my flow and slowly create to tell stories using shapes and a palette  that have an energy and life of their own.  The grain, sheen and texture of the leather acts like paint bouncing back light and changing as the viewer moves around the canvas..  My hope is for the you to experience a respite from the daily, calling in a moment of uplifting pause, reflection, and ultimately happiness..  May these works fill your space with positivity.  

Thank you for taking the time to find me.